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Tile and Tub Resurfacing in The Woodlands 77385


The Heart of RenewTub: Service and Workmanship

Tub resurfacing with RenewTub isn’t simply a service;

It’s an expert commitment backed by decades of experience.

And an abundant history of pleased clients covering property property owners and commercial accounts.

We are the professionals homeowners turn to for quality,

affordability, and expertise in bringing life back to weary tubs.

What is Resurfacing  Bath tub ?

Imagine reviving your old, stained, or chipped bathtub to its pristine condition without requiring pricey replacement.

That’s the magic of resurfacing– a procedure that takes just 3 to 4 hours of onsite work plus a 24-hour curing duration.

Whether your tub is porcelain, metal, cast iron, acrylic, fiberglass, or cultured marble,

our experienced professionals employ tested approaches to refinish and safeguard your valued fixture.

The Behind the Gloss  Innovation

RenewTub surpasses the traditional by applying aerospace-grade Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane.

— a resistant covering that attains a 4H-pencil solidity. As it treatments, this special formula settles into a ‘use layer,’

It supplies lasting defense from home chemicals that otherwise hurt standard surfaces.

The Economic and Ecological  Option

Selecting to resurface instead of replace saves you up to 70% of the expense and benefits the environment by minimizing land fill waste.

It’s an affordable choice that does not jeopardize on quality; we ensure our deal with the confidence of using only top-tier.

Materials like Hawk and Midwest items– are understood for their robust efficiency.

Repair Services: Restoration Excellence

Mishaps happen– bath tubs suffer damage– however with RenewTub, there’s no need for issue.

Our specialists effortlessly fix damage like rust, holes, cracks, and chips. In most cases,

we can localize our refinishing efforts to the repaired area if the rest of your tub stays in good shape.

The Woodlands Comprehensive Resurfacing Solutions:

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Bathtub Reglazing: We bring back the original shine and repair any discoloration or surface damage.

Countertop Refinishing: Transform formica or tile counter tops with finishes resembling granite or marble.

Garage Floor Revival: Pits, craters, or fractures on your garage flooring? Our resurfacing gives it a fresh face.

Color Customization: Change the hue of your tub or wall surrounds to match your aesthetic desires.

Thick Tub Liners: Experience unrivaled quality with some of the thickest liners.

Availability Adaptations: We provide trademarked walk-through tub cut-outs for ease of access.

Complete Remodeling Consultations: Let us guide you through total restroom changes.

Shower Conversions & Custom Shower Pans: We personalize solutions for every individual’s needs.

Choosing RenewTub means embracing a legacy rooted in quality. You’re not simply renewing your tub;

You’re buying an enduring option infused with care and attention to every last detail.

Let us usher you into a world where each bath is not just about tidiness– it’s an experience of comfort and sophistication.

Tile and Tub Resurfacing in The Woodlands 77385



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