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100_5800Porcelain Tub Chip Repair-Do you have a porcelain tub with an eyesore of a chip?   A porcelain tub chip repair can easily be done with an expensive call to the repair guy, but did you know that you can make the repair yourself?  Some of you may already have the necessary materials to make the repair and all you really need is the actual repair epoxy.

There are several different types of repair kits out there.  Most are either a one part dripless epoxy that you use to coat and recoat until you fill in the chip or the two-part epoxy kind which consists of the paint and a hardener that is added to it then applied the same way as the one part type.  Either one works fine, but the two-part epoxy should not be mixed until you are ready to use it.

Below are some simple step-by-step directions on how to best repair your porcelain tub chip.

1 – First, you want to clean the damaged area very well.  Clean at least 5 – 6 inches of area around the chip.  If the bathtub is going to be completely re-surfaced, you may as well clean the entire bathtub.  The cleaning of the tub for a chip repair is the same as the cleaning for a complete re-surfacing.  I have instructions on how to re-surface a porcelain bath tub as well.  Check out how to do that in my categories tab on the sidebar.  The chip must be repaired before the re-surfacing is done.

Clean the damaged area with a medium grade pad of steel wool and TSP (trisodium phosphate – a heavy duty, cleaning detergent).  Make sure you get real TSP and not the new TSP substitute. The steel wool will etch the surface of the tub while the TSP cleans it.

2 – Rinse the area you scrubbed and the whole tub very well.  You don’t want other dirt or debris landing on your work and ruining it.  In fact, take everything out of the tub – shampoos, soaps, washcloths, etc.  These can be accidentally knocked off onto to your finish and ruin it.

Once the tub has completely dried, and I mean completely dried – you can help it along by using a towel to dry it, then you can start applying the chip filler.  Any moisture will keep the epoxy from curing properly so it is imperative that the tub is dry.  That includes the top edges of the tub where a bit of standing water can suddenly roll down the edge and land right into your work area!


3 – You apply the filler one thin layer at a time.  The stuff is usually self-leveling – even in vertical applications, as long as the layers you apply are thin.  Read the instructions to your particular product for complete directions, but usually, you wait a few minutes (about 15 – 30 min) but not too long or you’ll lose the tackiness before applying a second layer if the chip is deep and needs a second layer.

4 – Once you have the chip filled, allow it to dry and cure for the amount of time your particular product requires – usually about 48 hrs.  After that time, you can sand it flush gently and slowly with a super fine grade, pad of steel wool.  That’s it.  You are done with your porcelain tub chip repair.  If you plan on resurfacing the tub after the chip repair, check out my instructions for that on the sidebar.